The Book

The Monastery and the Microscope

The Monastery and the Microscope (Yale University Press, 2017)
edited by Wendy Hasenkamp with Janna R. White

Named one of the top Buddhist books of 2017 by Tricycle Magazine and Daniel Goleman’s favorite book of the year

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In 2013, during a historic six-day meeting at a Tibetan monastery in southern India, the Dalai Lama gathered with leading scientists, philosophers, and monks for in-depth discussions on the nature of reality, consciousness, and the human mind. This eye-opening book presents a record of those spirited and wide-ranging dialogues, featuring contributions from prominent scholars like Richard Davidson, Matthieu Ricard, Tania Singer, and Arthur Zajonc as they address such questions as: Does nature have a nature? Do you need a brain to be conscious? Can we change our minds and brains through meditation? What can science do for a monk, and what can a monk do for science?


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