A resolution, after all

Readers, I lied. I suggested in two separate end-of-the-year posts that I didn’t have a concrete resolution for the new year. And really, I didn’t.

But then the Chicago Manual of Style asked on their Facebook page for people to post their editing/writing resolutions for 2015, and I couldn’t help but submit one. After all, I look in the Chicago Manual of Style at least once a day and usually more often than that. (And, full disclosure, they were giving away four CMoS totes to respondents, and I’m geeky enough to want one.)

Imagine my excitement yesterday when I saw my name and resolution included on their write-up of all the entries they received! (I told A this was a new career high, to see my name on the CMoS website. He seemed to think that all the things I wrote about last week–raising my rates, getting lots of work–were more important. Clearly, he doesn’t get it.)

It was interesting, and motivating, to read some of the other entries. Some of my favorites:

My resolution is not to be too hard-nosed with the authors whose work I edit. There is room in academic writing for less pedantry.—Vicky L.

To also become edited, rather than continuing to only edit.—Lisa T.

To edit in ways that make the reading experience better for all readers, without ever losing sight of whose book it is.—Sarah G.

As a writer, I plan to be consistent with my blog, writing something every day and not obsessing over perfection. As an editor, I want to find a balance between obsessing over every grammatical detail and overlooking minor issues.—Sarah R.

Thanks, Chicago, for the lift of the spirits and motivation to kick off 2015!

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