Air mail

RSVP Air Mail #1I love mail. Everything about it carries an immediacy and simplicity that I crave. Letters might be the antidote to editing: I never start with a draft and always write in pen, knowing all the time that only this one copy will exist for only one person.* When the Letter Writers Alliance announced a new edition of their R.S.V.P. (Royal Society of Venturesome Parcels) themed mailings, I was in.

Participants receive four themed mailings, one each week for four weeks. This edition has an air mail theme. The first package arrived today. It contained a beautiful collection of vintage air mail envelopes and stickers. A letter accompanied the packet, an original letter typed on a typewriter and signed by hand.

The letter had several typos, but for once I might even like it better that way.

*Unless you’re Willa Cather, and then your letters will be “liberated” and published against your will.

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