Final Friday Five

It’s Sunday morning in India, so by Northampton time I’m only a day late posting this month’s five links:

  1. New research says that elephants can decode human voices better than humans. Do you think that applies to our written voices, too? It would make my logo very apt…
  2. My favorite pen ran out so they’re on my mind: the 8 best pens according to the Freelancers Union and the 5 best pens (in various categories) according to the Pen Addict.
  3. A new speed-reading app will purportedly allow you to read a Harry Potter book in 77 minutes. But why would you want to? That’s not a commentary on HP, but on why you would take away the slow, languorous pleasures of lingering over a book that you love.
  4. Engaged Buddhists came in to comfort the families of victims of the recent Malaysian Airlines crash.
  5. Some fun news of a personal note: I’m having a piece published in Auto Didact, a small journal founded by a Fulbright scholar here in India that will be distributed free in the back of autorickshaws in Pondicherry. I love the idea of something I wrote literally going on its own journey.

UPDATE: I’m adding a sixth link belatedly because it’s too good not to share: My favorite font is also a money-saver. Garamond, I always knew you were the one for me.

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