Final Friday Five

The last Final Friday Five of 2015:

  1. This is funny (and very accurate)
  2. Grammar meets sports
  3. Approving the singular they
  4. I’m totally guilty of this bad habit
  5. In honor of the season (if it ever arrives): a love letter to winter



Gift guide for editors

Presenting the second-annual gift guide for editors! Ten gifts for the book-loving grammar nerd in your life. (Click through for the full graphic and sources.)

2016_gift_guide_for_editors1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10


Final Friday Five

Some reading for you now. And stay tuned for this year’s gift guide for editors! (See last year’s guide here.)

  1. I love this project
  2. I would’ve loved to be the person to find this
  3. Authors and their Myers-Briggs types
  4. On flowers and grief
  5. Further proof that mail is good for you



How I feel when I finish a big project:

Final Friday Five – Double Edition!

I missed September’s Final Friday (for secret reasons), so this month you get a double edition! Happy reading.

  1. I like the sweetness and mystery of the Book Inscriptions Project
  2. This made me laugh
  3. The holidays (and holiday cards) are right around the corner. Do you know how to pluralize your name?
  4. An excellent post promoting feedback between authors, project managers, and editors
  5. Re-imagining the New Yorker as a Parisian rag
  6. Are you an artful procrastinator?
  7. What books make it big in Nigeria?
  8. Book covers come to life
  9. Oliver Sacks and his desk
  10. I once did a version of this with Roget’s Thesaurus

Final Friday Five

Some August reading for you:

  1. What would you take with you to read in space?
  2. The OED added some new words
  3. Great roundup of literary road trips
  4. Science agrees: Reading before bed is good for you
  5. Does mindfulness mean anything?

Happy last days of summer!

Final Friday Five

  1. New research suggests there are 4 kinds of introversion
  2. This made me laugh
  3. How not to be Elizabeth Gilbert
  4. Would you go in for Zappos’s new management structure?
  5. The most beautiful new ink

Have a wonderful weekend!

Final Friday Five

It’s Monday, but aren’t we all pretending it’s Friday anyway?

  1. Could anxiety be good for you?
  2. A publisher will only publish books by women in 2018
  3. Celebrating the art of clutter
  4. “Quitting smoking is the khakis of existence.”
  5. A great how-to on speaking and writing about transgender people


The new gardener

I have begun to garden. It is after 2 AM and I am wide awake, thinking—and now writing—about my garden.

I am fascinated by my new garden. It is an inherited plot at the community garden, and my plot and those surrounding it are fascinating to me. Keep reading…

Final Friday Five

A few days late, but who’s counting? And anyway, these links are worth the wait.

  1. When being a quitter makes you a winner
  2. The Onion has a genius new redesign
  3. Have you ever been punished for being productive?
  4. A helpful roundup of hourly rate calculators
  5. Can you solve this viral math problem? (I’m working on it.)