Reading Resolutions

Strand Book Store recently posted their 2016 reading resolutions on Instagram:

  1. Read a book that intimidates you.
  2. Read the book before watching the film.
  3. Read a collection of poetry.
  4. Read a book in a day.
  5. Read the book you’ve lied about reading.
  6. Take an honest look at that TBR pile.
  7. Set a reading goal.
  8. Try to stop falling asleep with books in bed.

1–4 = I’m in.
5 = I try never to do this, so I will interpret this my own way and resolve to read a book or author I always squirm when admitting I haven’t read.
6 = Necessary.
7 = As much as possible!
8 = Honestly, I don’t see a problem here.

These are great reading resolutions, but in the end I think there’s only one that counts: Read books you love.

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